You fear that the world is coming to an end, that everyone will either be dead or enslave in the near future. There is still hope however, as you are part of The Brotherhood, a group of resistance fighters that are doing everything they can to prevent the worst outcome.

It begun five years ago, when the earthquake happened and the demons rose from the earth and brought forth destruction and slavery. They advanced slowly on all the major cities, killing all those who opposed them on the way. The main island is now a desolate wasteland where only demons and devils are allowed, except of course for the slaves who work the Mines of Ashvale.

Luckily, despite the odds, a few hundred people survived and made their way to an island not too far off. They found Casseth, a small town that seemed untouched by the demons. This is where the resistance was born, and this is where you begin your journey.

Demise of Casseth

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