Artanis Ancalímon

Elvin Barbarian - Player Char



By the walk you can tell this is an elf but that is covered head to toe in green and brown leather gear. Full travels cloak most of the times hides even the gear underneath. The only think that pokes out is the weapon, an fine Elven Curve Blade and as she walks you can tell a gloved hand holds it close to her body.
As you get closer the wind picks up some and you see finally crafted studded leather armor and that this female elf is fully covered gloves and all in leather. When you look at her face you realize that it is a mask of an elf and that with the hood up you cannot see one ounce of skin. The only thing that’s showing, that is not leather or the mask, is her Ice Green eyes.
Artanis Ancalímon grew up as an ugly child in the family. She was scorned by others in her town as such it was expected that she was treated like a manual labor servant. Even though she lived in her town it was as if she was alienated from it. Her father outwardly showed the same distain that others showed for her ugliness. He was a well to do fisherman and that meant he traveled a lot. He would take her on his travels as labor but secretly he taught her to fight and put her in lesser races backally gladiator rings. He showed her what it means to be an Elf, and showed her love and understanding when they where out and about.
Her favorite times was when they would fish together.

When the demons hit her town she was the only survivor. She was thought burned alive. She survived and swore an oath for vengeance at any cost. She was lucky in that her gear that she used when out with her father, was hidden within their cart and survived the destruction, well the gear at least did.

Since that day she travels, fishing to ether supplement her income or for food. Otherwise she offers herself as body guard or when the opportunity arises she helps out with hunting demons.
She always covers all of her body in leather and the cloak. To cover her face she has this mask that her dad had made for her. Its a mask of a elf. Designed for the fighting regimes she goes through so that it never leaves her face during combat. Since that day of her towns destruction no one has ever seen her take it off.

Artanis Ancalímon

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